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Much like parenthood, homeownership doesn't come with a manual to help guide you through these responsibilities. Neither does care and maintenance of your autos, or certain areas of your health. Getting good at navigating your way through these critical responsibilities is typically learned as you go.

Think of The Service Guide as your pseudo-manual where you can get answers to your home, auto, and health related inquiries, learn what you need to know about projects and repairs encompassing more than 300 service categories, plus which local service providers could be the best fits to work with you when you need help.

Created in 2004, The Service Guide has become the #1 resource Twin Cities, Minnesota consumers turn to first and trust the most to get reliable, helpful information that makes homeownership just that much easier!
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Get Smart! Get Great Consumer Tips!
The Consumer Tips we provide are collected and curated on a regular basis.  The information will help you around your house, outdoors, in your yard, and when it comes to family, health, and your wallet.

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Remember that pseudo- manual?  Our Blog helps answer questions, and solve some of your household problems.  Ultimately,  we try to offer some education to make you feel smarter and help make running your home and certain aspects of your life a bit easier!

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Access Special Savings

Whether a project or repair was on your agenda, or came up unexpectedly, it is nice to be able to save money!
You are in luck.  The Service Guide ensures you hire quality service providers; plus, many of them provide exclusive savings to you, as well.

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