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About The Service Guide

When you find yourself in a position where you need the assistance of a service professional, we are here to help you find one that fits not only what you need, but fits you, as well. The Service Guide has relationships with hundreds of local service professionals in over 300 service categories. Helping you connect to the best businesses to work with YOU is what we do!

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The Service Guide was founded 
in 2004
with a specific mission
To provide local consumers with easy access to information and reputable service providers that  make taking care of their homes, family, autos, and health safer and easier!                  

Getting help getting connected 
to reputable service providers is easy with The Service Guide!

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Our Differentiators
The Service Guide is NOT a directory, as you might guess at first glance.  What we provide reveals far more than what a list of companies can tell you.  We give you insights and information ABOUT businesses that reflect on their character and competence, their quality of work and their reputations.  Learn more about these TRUST BUILDERS that help guide you to the BEST service providers for YOU.

Our Founder, Diana Herzan
The Service Guide has turned out to be the #1 resource Twin Cities, Minnesota consumers turn to first and trust the most to connect with quality and capable service professionals.



Our Community is the best part of The Service Guide! 

Local service providers are a BIG part of our community!   There are thousands of quality service providers who can provide excellent service!  These companies work hard and care deeply about the customer experience!  This is the caliber of company that works with The Service Guide and that we can refer to YOU.

YOU are the other BIG part of our community!
We know there will "always be something" that needs taking care of!  Whether it is home, auto related, family, or health, the importance of being able to TRUST who you bring on to help you is second to nothing else!  Thousands of Twin Cities consumers (like YOU) have trusted US to help them gain the trust they need since 2004.

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