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Since 2004, The Service Guide has become highly trusted by Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN homeowners to connect them to reliable and reputable contractors.  Over the past 15 years, we have been involved members in the contractor community and have established relationships with hundreds of businesses in over 300 home service related categories.  We have curated an enviable network of service professionals that we are able to share and refer onto you.

Besides the luxury of getting to know each business we can refer, we have vetted them even further for YOU.  All businesses in our network provide us with proof of required licenses and insurances, and reflect a history of positive reviews from their customers.

When you have home projects or repairs, you can delegate most of the hard work to our GET IT DONE WITH US TEAM! 
Get The Jobs Done:  We don't have to tell you if you are a homeowner, that homeownership is not always a cake walk!  Your Priority Membership lets you pass the baton, literally, to our team of specialists who know our contractor network and whose jobs it is to help connect them to YOU.  

With only a call or click, you instantly enlist the help of Minneapolis's only team that can help you get things done the way our Get It Done With Us Team can!

You let us know what you need and when.  Our team taps into a network only we have access to.  Top-rated businesses that can assist you will connect with YOU to help.


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Get Time Back For Other Things Plus Peace Of Mind:  Maintaining your home can sometimes be a project in itself.  Not all projects or repairs are created equal and not all are necessarily within our scope of expertise.  When they are not, inevitably, you will need to turn to professionals to help.

While our experienced team is taking care of business for you, you get more time to handle other things you need to, all with the peace of mind that you have left things in good hands.

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