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By: Diana Herzan | August 24, 2018

What can you do yourself to humidify your home? · Air in the house too dry? · Dry air at night · Solutions for dry air in rooms
 Contributed by Diana Herzan
Are you waking up in the morning with a dry throat? 
Here are some easy home remedies you can use to help humidify a room!

Pots or pans of water would be the first thing I would recommend.  This is the easiest step you can take. Fill up a pan or spare pot of water and place it as close to a heat or radiator register as you can.  The heat will cause the water to evaporate into your room. With most things, this is no exception.  There is a small downfall to this method.  Watch for potential chemical deposits on pots and pans as the water does its job of evaporating into the air.  They can be difficult to clean off.  Best  to use an old pot or pan you may not care as much about. 

Plants are our friends in more ways than you might realize.  They need water to live and as you water them to grow, they  will give back to you in the form of humidity back into their rooms.

Crank the heat down is another sure fire way you can decrease the humidity in the house.  The hotter the room gets, the drier it gets also.  Especially at night when you are under blankets, turning the heat down can make a little bit of difference in the least.

Wet Clothes can be hung up to dry as another helpful home remedy for increased humidity.  If you have the space, one load of wet laundry can often provide ample moisture for a room.  To help with a good night’s sleep, hang up your laundry or sling over a drying rack in the late afternoon or early evening.  You’ll breathe easier at night.

Spraying or misting water into a room can also help. Using a spray bottle with a setting for misting is probably better than a free-for-all water spraying event in your living room or bedroom.  A gentle misting over curtains, furniture, carpet, and in the air can only help.

Bathroom fans.  We know our parents always tell us to turn the bathroom fan on when you take a shower. They are right.  For a once in a while humidity boost, leave the fan off and take a steamy shower, or just let it run.  Don’t overdo this.  Everything in moderation! Keep the bathroom door open and let the steam do its magic for you.  Adding a floor fan to help distribute the steam can help the cause even more.

Cooking pasta or soups can let off steam.  The meal will add warmth to your body and the preparation will add steam and humidity to your home.  Leave doors open so steam will have the ability to travel through the air. 

Your pets are feeling it, too.  Chances are if you feel the air is too dry, your pets are too.  Leave extra bowls of water out for your cats and dogs and try and encourage them to drink.  Making it easy for them to get to water will help them stay hydrated, which is important to their health, as it is yours. 

Even if it is cold outside, exposing yourself to some fresh air could do you wonders.  Bundle up and make sure you breathe in some real air from outside.  Inside air in the winter, especially, can get stale and stagnant.  People often say they feel better after they have been outside.  This is because the fresh air was good for them to breathe in.


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