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Connecting Your Clients To Sidekick Is Easy!


Sidekick just became one of the coolest perks your clients get by working with you! 
Connect your clients with Sidekick and alleviate the hassles you may have had in the past when the necessity to scout out service providers comes up.  From now on, you can pass the buck to Sidekick's Get It Done With Us Team.
You can thank us later.  But, for the time being, we're all about relieving your stress and taking care of your service needs.  Remember, we've got you covered in over 300 service categories, so whatever you need, we can help you get help.
Click here to send your clients to a special page created to help them get connected with Sidekick. When you get to this page, simply copy the page URL and add it to a personal email you can create.  Then send it directly to your clients. Or, even faster, using the "share" feature on your phone, share the link in a text with our own brief message.