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Brush Your Cat Daily And Reduce Carpet Stains!

If you are a cat owner, you already know about carpet stains!  Cats are notorious for hacking up fur balls, which as you know takes a toll on your carpets.  

I have been brushing our cat every morning, same time, while I wait for the coffee to brew! She knows the timing and can't wait for her five minutes of glory! Since I started this "special" cat time, she has stopped hacking up those fur balls completely!  It's amazing for us both (and our carpets).

Brush your cat every day and reduce carpet stains!

Easy, creative way to make the cutest bulletin board

We have seen some creative uses of everyday things, even things some would consider throwing away.  Here is an excellent example of re-purposing some Styrofoam that was originally used for packing to create a bulletin board or perhaps better said, a bulletin bar.  

Amazingly, the Styrofoam almost works better than cork does on a "real" bulletin board.  Also, see what else you can do with any leftover fabric!       Read more

Creative use of Styrofoam to create a bulleting board, of sorts

Make Your Face Mask Instantly Adjustable!

No need to wear face masks that don't fit anymore!  There are some easy, do-it-yourself ways you can adjust the size of your face mask at home.  

Check out these easy methods.  Next time you purchase a face mask, you won't need to worry if it doesn't fit right initially.  You can adjust them yourself!    Read more

Easy, do-it-yourself ways to make your face mask instantly adjustable!

Think Twice Before Tossing Your Plastic Bread Tags Out!


From now on, before you throw away those plastic bread tags, you can think twice. There are other things you can do with them that can make certain other things in your life, well, a litter easier and maybe better organized! Who would have thought?!  
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A great use for bread tags you might otherwise throw away

Don't let this happen to you!  Dryer Fires can be prevented!

Every year these happen across the country to approximately 15,000 homes according to the National Fire Protection Agency. Lint build up is a main culprit.  See this article from Inside Edition  and take steps to make sure you are not the next victim of this kind of fire.  One tip is to never leave your house with the dryer running!  Many people do this and are risking coming home to out of control flames. Don't be that person that says it won't happen to you!    Read more


After such a harsh winter, this spring it could be wise to go on a mission to clean everything!  Clean things you may not ordinarily clean like hair brushes, pot holders, bed spreads, quilts, pillows, slipcovers, carpets, draperies, throw rugs, power wash your exterior, deck, walkways, stairs.  When things are clean, they seem to feel better, work better, and of course, look better!

Things seem to feel better, work better and look better when they are clean!

Is your mouth really clean?

When you brush your teeth, are you leaving your mouth as clean as it really can be?  Many people don't include brushing their tongue or the roof of their mouth when they brush their teeth.  Maybe a weird thing to think about, but doing both of these and brushing with warm water  instead of cold will help make your whole mouth a little bit cleaner!    Read more
Is your mouth really as clean as it can be?
Fifteen Commandments For Better Managing Your  Type 2 Diabetes
Use these tips and tricks  to help you manage the challenges of having Type 2 Diabetes. 

Learn more about diet, exercise, medication and stress management.

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Take a picture of your receipts! Never lose them again!

We know! You're wondering why didn't you think of this before?! Need to hold on to your receipts? Don't remember where you stashed them? No worries! Take pictures of these on your phone and keep them in their own separate album. Stores are totally open to accepting these for returns, if need be! So easy! Just snap a picture and toss the paper! Delete the photo once a receipt isn't needed anymore!
Take a photo of your receipts!  So much easier to keep this way!

Watch rust stains in your dishwasher disappear!

When you want to literally perform magic, using this product will do the trick.  Follow the easy instructions on the bottle and watch the rust stains you thought would never come out totally disappear from your dishwasher!  Add red and orange stained plastic storage containers, too.  They will come out like new!

Watch rust stains in your dishwasher disappear with this product.


If only more people would do this! Just turn off the notification tones on your phone and see how much more productive you can be!  Imagine focusing on holding an uninterrupted conversation, completing a task, all without the care of knowing what's going on in your phone!?   It's not that hard!  Just simply turn off the volume!
Turn off your phone's volume!  We know you can do it!
We bet if you do this, you will be glad you did!

Take these "steps" to create the most awesome storage ever!

This was too creative not to share! For the right space in the right home, this typically unused space can help you stash away so  much!  So unique, so special!

Thanks to this source:

Super creative space for storage!
click photo to enlarge

Crafty Craft Supply Holder
It doesn't get a whole lot more crafty than this!  Use an old (or new!) cupcake or muffin tin to organize your craft supplies,  or your pens, pencils and what-nots on your desk! Consider chalk painting your tin and using canning jars for an older, vintage look if you like that style! 

Thank you to this source!

Pretty crafty supply holder!

Secret to making the moistest chicken, briskets,  and roasts

Try this the next time you make chicken, brisket or a roast.  One of the best kept chef's secrets is a pan of water in the oven underneath what you are baking!  That's it!  That simple!  This simple method produces the best results you can imagine!  Try it yourself!


Be the best baker in your family with this sweet tip!

When baking cakes, breads, or muffins, where the recipe calls for vegetable oil, simply replace the oil with the same amount of unsweetened applesauce.  Your banana breads, muffins, and cakes will definitely rise to their occasions.  People will wonder how you did it.


Oh deer!  Where there is one deer, there is likely another!

During October and November, deer are particularly vulnerable to getting hit by cars, as they are more on the move than normal! Avoid colliding with a deer by keeping a watchful eye out for them, as they are not likely to be watching out for you.  Typically, if you see one, another could be close behind.  


Quick Corn On The Cob
Go from cob to the table in 3 minutes!  Wrap each ear of corn in wax paper and microwave on high for 3 minutes per ear of corn.  You can definitely microwave several ears at once.  Just make sure you multiply your ears by 3 minutes.  Your corn will be perfect and delicious.

Go from cob to table in 3 minutes

How Much Should Your Groceries Cost You Per Bag?
This depends on what you buy and where you shop; however, if you are getting away with an average of $25.00 per grocery bag when you get home, you are doing well.  If you are buying more meat or an abundance of specialty items then your bag average can be higher. 


Roll With This Clever Place To Stash A Paper Towel Holder!
Here is one of the most clever uses of dead space so many people have in their kitchen!  What a great spot for your paper towel holder!  Right where you  need it to be, yet cleanly out of the way!

Roll with this clever place to stash your paper towel holder!

It's All In How You Frame It!
Feeling creative?  Here is a great way to re-purpose an old frame! Depending on the frame and the bottom surface and color you decide to use, your frame turned tray can "serve" you well in many places or rooms in your home, office, or wherever you want! 

Great way to re-purpose an old frame

Yum, Apples! - See 58 Easy And Delicious Apple Recipes
Fall is a special time for apples, but certainly not the only time to celebrate them!  Check out this fabulous collection of apple recipes!  Mmmmm!  Can you already smell the cinnamon?
Thank you to this source!

German Apple Pancake

Homeowners' Fall Maintenance Checklist

What you should make sure you do before the snow flies!
Here some fall home maintenance suggestions homeowners should be considering getting done to help keep you cozy over the winter, save you some money, and to protect your biggest  and most important investment, your home.

See full checklist >

Fall home maintenance checklist

Sink Your Teeth Into These!

Here is a fun and healthy treat!  Don't feel like you can only have these during Halloween time.  They are a hit all year long!

Simply cut the apple slices as you see done in the picture.  Insert almond slivers for the teeth and you've got a great snack for all!

Fun! Yum!  Apple Bites!

Easy Way To Remove Your Candle Wax

This has to be the easiest way to remove wax remnants from your candle holders!  Simply place your candle holder in your freezer overnight.   In the morning, you will find the wax literally just pops right out!  Try this!  You will be amazed at how easy this is!
Easy way to remove wax from candle holders