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How long should they continue contacting me? In Crystal


Dear Diana,                                  1/14/19

Recently my husband and I had three remodeling contractors come to our home to provide us with their insights and their estimates for a kitchen remodeling project we are thinking about.  Each contractor was different and seemed to bring something unique to the plans.  After considering the pros and cons of all three we have decided on one of them, but will not be ready to start the project until the summer.

One of the two others that ended up on our reject list keeps calling us and sending us emails.  We understand they want to do our project, but we did not click with them as well as with the company we ultimately chose. How long is reasonable for them to continue to hound us?


How long should they continue contacting me?  In Crystal


Dear "How long should they continue contacting me?" In Crystal,

First, let me applaud you for going through the steps to meet with three different remodeling businesses. This can be a learning experience for you as you listen to all three experts.  Your knowledge can hopefully be applied and aid to the success of your project moving forward.

Second, in your post, you did not indicate whether you had responded to any of the calls made or emails sent to you.  I am hoping you have been clear and straight forward with both of the contractors you had decided not to hire.  All three companies deserve clarity from you as to where they stand in your consideration and hiring process. Especially if you have hired one of them, the other two deserve to know that, as well.

If you have clearly communicated to this remodeling company that you have chosen someone else and they continue to contact you, I agree that continuing to call and email you is inappropriate and unprofessional.  It is fair, if that is the case, to send them a written letter reiterating that you have chosen a different company and that you are requesting they stop contacting you.  If that does not do the trick, send a second letter along with a copy of the first one, requesting for the second time to cease contacting you.  In the second letter, it is fair to remind them of your option to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau explaining the history of the calls and emails from their company.  Remind them there is no more need to contact you and to kindly take their focus off of the prospect of working with your project.

In any of your communications with them, regardless of how frustrated you might get, my recommendation is to remain cool and collected on your end.  My guess is that these steps will do the trick and that hopefully, you will only need to take step one.

Thanks for writing,