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How Things Work                                   

When you find yourself in a position where you need the assistance of a service professional, we are here to help you find one that fits not only what you need, but fits you, as well.  The Service Guide has relationships with hundreds of local service professionals in over 300 service categories.  Helping you get connected to the best businesses to work with you is what we do!


Who can we find to help you:                                          See all services

  • Home Improvement Contractors
  • Home Related Service Professionals
  • Realtors
  • Chiropractors
  • Auto Service Specialists
  • Dentists
What qualifies the businesses that we can refer to you:

  • Every business in our referral network has been vetted by us before they can be part of our network
  • We monitor our original vetting criteria to ensure the quality standards remain in check
  • We ensure the businesses we refer to you provide the services and have the expertise required to meet your needs
Get It Done With Us Team

When you need our help, follow this quick step to tell us what you need.
Then leave things in the capable hands of “your” Get It Done With Us Team.

                    Simply CALL 763-745-7490  M-F, 8-5 
                        or CLICK  24/7 for our online form.
And, here's what you can expect to happen next:

  • You will be assigned a team member that will personally take care of your request and YOU
  • Your team member will tap into our special network of service providers on your behalf and will communicate your needs
  • You will be contacted by up to 3 businesses who have been qualified and who are available to assist you
  • We step aside at the point of those contacts and allow you and the businesses to meet or converse
  • We do not get involved in scheduling or pricing for other companies.  We leave those between you and them.
  • Your team member is in your corner all the way through your project, job or repair, should you need advice, have questions or need additional services


Getting help is EASY!  >>
All you have to do is CALL  or CLICK





What can you ask for help with:

You can ask for whatever you want or need.

What geographic area is covered with our service providers:
The Service Guide is a local business, located in the Minneapolis, MN area 
  • We are currently able to refer service professionals who service the 10-county Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota metro area. 
  • Some of the businesses we can refer also service customers throughout central, northern and southern Minnesota.

Can we help you with ideas or inspiration with indoor and outdoor spaces:
Yes.  You can visit our Inspiration Room  where ideas and inspiration abound.  Check out our growing collection of photos to help you as you decide how to create some new spaces of your own. 

Is there a cost:

Yes.  All things of value have some kind of cost!  Luckily, the cost is very minimal.  You will need a PRIORITY Membership to be able to enlist the expertise and services of our Get It Done With Us Team.  The cost for this membership is only $2.95 per month.  You can learn more about this membership option here.


Can you save money:

Yes.  Whether a project or repair was on your agenda or it was an  unexpected expense, it's still nice to be able to save money!  Many of the service providers also provide exclusive savings to you.  These SAVINGS are offered as benefits as part of our SAVERS Membership, also for only $2.95 per monthLearn more about this membership option here.

If you join The Service Guide, can you cancel your membership:
Absolutely!  Each membership option we offer is shaped to provide different sets of benefits to our members. Depending on what a member is trying to achieve, one membership option may make sense today, while a different option may make sense six months from now or next year. Therefore, we want to make it easy for our members to upgrade, downgrade, cancel or swap their membership levels anytime they want to make a change. 
See our cancel policy.            
If you are looking at a company that you do not see listed in any of our categories, can you still get information about them from us:
Yes you can! It is our goal to help you get to a comfortable, safe, and smart hiring decision. If you have a PRIORITY or a SELECT Membership, you can contact us and ask about any business you are considering.  We will be happy to help you decipher information about those companies.  There are easily thousands of local businesses.  Although we have relationships with many of them, we do not know them all.  As a member, we welcome all opportunities to assist you.

Is there anything we can do for you today?