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Instant Adjustable Face Mask - Voila!
Use craft beads to help make your mask instantly adjustable
Tie a small knot in the elastic on your face mask to adjust its size

Two easy ways to make your face mask instantly adjustable!

No need to wear face masks that don’t fit right anymore! Here are two easy do-it-yourself ways to make your face masks instantly adjustable!

1. Use craft beads to help make the elastic loops on your face mask adjustable. You may already have these beads at home. Depending on the size of the beads you have, there are variations of methods you can use to connect the beads to the elastic. You can Google this or search on YouTube and find all sorts of helpful tips and videos on this.Depending on the elastic color and the beads you have, you can even color coordinate these. No need to wear a face mask that is too big anymore. Using craft beads to make your face mask elastic adjustable works well and couldn’t be easier.

2. Probably the simplest way to reduce the size of your face mask is to tie small knots close to the top of both sides of the elastic to fit the size more closely to what you need.

What I like about both these methods is they completely alleviate any problems you might run into if you buy a mask and discover it doesn’t fit right. It is a guessing game when you are purchasing masks either online or at retail level somewhere. You just won’t know how it fits until you get it home.  Now, you can simply and quickly adjust the size of your face mask to whatever size you need it to be!