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Our Differentiators                                    

If you haven't noticed yet, The Service Guide has our own unique personality, along with a set of unique benefits you can only get with us.  Truth be told, when you find yourself needing to turn to almost any kind of service professional, you would be hard pressed to find a service that can help "guide" you to a business connection more suitable to YOU, than right here!  
Why are we so sure of ourselves?  The simple answer is that we are experts on the primary reason YOU and 96% of consumers will choose one service provider over another.  You know it, and we know it!  TRUST is the main hold out.  That's right, 96% of consumers will wait TRUST out and need it satisfied before they can justify making a reasonable or comfortable hiring decision.  Since nothing else matters more than TRUST, we help you determine the TRUSTWORTHINESS of businesses that can assist you.
Let's also take a moment and provide some clarity. What The Service Guide is NOT, is a "directory" of service providers. These are a dime a dozen. We help you discover information a list of names can't tell you. You'll get access to information curated about  local service providers; information relative to their character and competence, the very reasons  that help you gain trust in a business. These are Trust Builders.   We know that being able to focus on Trust Builders is the fastest and smartest way to get you connected to companies most suitable to YOU.  When you need assistance from a qualified service professional, The Service Guide helps make it easy to determine good fits, great fits, and the best fits for YOU.
We are proud of what differentiates us from other companies. These are some of the reasons so many people TRUST us to "guide" them to the BEST companies when they need help!  

We Verify Our Customer Reviews!

We know the value Customer Reviews provide when you are evaluating potential businesses to help you. We also know this information only provides value when the information is "real."  We have been in this space long enough to know that not all reviews you find online are "real." 

Since 2004, The Service Guide has maintained an unwaivered policy of VERIFYING all our Reviews prior to posting them, a claim most Review Services cannot make. Verifying our Reviews keeps things transparent and helps you be better equipped to make the important decisions you are trying to make about your home, auto, and your family's health.


Our Get It Done With Us Team cares about your experiences!
We realize that if someone has gotten to the point of contacting us for assistance, they need something fixed, solved, or answered.  Our Get It Done With Us Team is here to take whatever steps are necessary to get you whatever resolution, answers or advice you need as quickly and painlessly as possible.  When you want personalized and competent service, there is no better place to get it than here!

  • Expect personalized service from our team and attention to YOU
  • Our team does your legwork for you ~ saving you tons of time
  • Our team taps into our exclusive, vetted network of service providers on your behalf
  • Our team can help you discover information about any business you may be considering


Being local has been one of our BEST assets!

Our intent from the beginning has been to provide a local service, second to no other. We have found that we can get to "second to no other" better by actually remaining a local company, ourselves. 
  • Local businesses love working with us because we can form personal and in-person relationships with them
  • The consumers that use our service value the fact that we actually "know" the businesses we can connect them to
  • Consumers have access to our Get It Done With Us Team, a knowledgeable, friendly team of (you guessed it!) local support reps that work directly with our members


Information we provide about local businesses helps you determine viable trust levels - these are Trust Builders
Trust is rarely established at first encounter.  For most people, it typically requires several encounters with a business before they can earn your trust.  

For close to 96% of consumers, a strong level of trust in a business is necessary in order to get to a comfortable hiring decision.  Does this sound like you?

For these reasons, The Service Guide curates current information like Reviews, educational articles, interviews and photographs
of finished projects about local businesses. This kind of information helps you learn more about a business's character and competence, the quality of their work and their reputation. These Trust Builders will help "guide" your way to establishing confidence strong enough to extend your trust towards businesses you need help from.


Answerville "guides" you to educational information to help make some of your home related decisions easier!
Sometimes, all you need is a simple answer. Sometimes, a little reassurance that you are on the right track is all you need. Answerville is our answer to providing you with information and solutions that keep you motivating in the forward direction with your projects or repairs.  
We have rallied together some of the highest-rated local service professionals to help provide answers to questions they get asked often.  Hopefully, some of these answer questions you have, as well. 
Answerville also gives you an opportunity to ask your own questions, as we know that not all projects or repairs are created equal!


Our Inspiration Room helps get your creative juices flowing, plus shows off the quality work of many local service professionals
It all starts with ideas! Think you want to remodel or re-do your landscaping?  Wondering how you might be able to spice up a space in your home?  Visiting our Inspiration Room could become a helpful idea-provoking pit stop.  You will find awesome photos of indoor and outdoor spaces, furniture arrangements and accessories.  Some photos have been curated for you, and others have been provided by local remodelers, flooring contractors, landscapers, painters, etc. Take your time browsing our photos.  Decide from there what you want to do next.


Limelight Interviews help you "get to know" local businesses in a "light" you can only get here
For six years, our founder wrote a consumer column for the former  One of the most popular segments were interviews with local businesses. The virtual conversations, essentially humanizing local businesses, generated interest from readers and motivated buyers. 

Limelight Interviews were resurrected in the same spirit, only better! Reinforcing a personal and humanizing element readers clearly responded to, now you can listen to the live interview, as well as read a transcript.  Our Limelight Interviews help provide perspectives about a business and the people that may end up helping you. Getting to know service providers in this light will no doubt, help "guide" you towards a more comfortable hiring choice that works for YOU.