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Get your Sidekick questions answered. See our FAQ's below.

Sidekick FAQ's

Are the contractors and service providers who will contact you vetted in any way?

Yes. Before any service provider can be part of Sidekick's network, they need to:

  1. Provide proof of all required licenses and insurance
  2. Complete a class on Consumer Trust, sponsored by The Service Guide
  3. Maintain an overall Excellent Rating from Reviews submitted by their customers

Does Sidekick or The Service Guide endorse the businesses in Sidekick's network?

No. We do not endorse any of the businesses, nor do we guarantee the performance or quality of their work. We work hard to filter specific quality criteria with each individual business before we add them to this network. Additionally, we monitor their Reviews and ensure their required licenses and insurances are kept current.

What is the simplest way to use Sidekick to request help from contractors or service providers?

It is as simple as a call or a click. You can reach our Get It Done With Us Team members by calling 763-745-7490, M-F, 8-5. Any of our team members can assist you with your requests or questions. Or, you can click here to complete Sidekick's online form. The team member who receives your information will take just as good care of your request this way, as well.

Can any real estate agents use Sidekick?

Yes. The Contractor Network Sidekick taps into was created specifically for local (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN) realtors. The service providers service Minnesota and some service western Wisconsin. Realtors who work in the ten county Minneapolis / St. Paul metro can use Sidekick to help save time connecting with local service professionals needed by their clients and their home listings. Real Estate Agents anywhere can utilize Sidekick's Realtor Reviews. Reviews are the most influential factors buyers and sellers consider when searching for a Real Estate Agent even when they already have a strong referral for one. Reviews are critical for real estate agents everywhere and a huge key to their success. If you know other realtors who may not be using Sidekick, you can invite them to use it, as well.

Is there a way to forward an Inspection Report directly to Sidekick?

Yes. When you use our online form, there is a section towards the bottom that allows you to upload files. This would be where you can upload a copy of an Inspection Report from your computer, phone, or tablet. The form allows you to upload photos, as well, when providing a visual would be helpful.

Is there a cost to use Sidekick?
As a realtor, you can use Sidekick's Contractor Service without having to pay anything or provide a credit card number. Your first service provider request is a trial run! It's the best way for you to see how easy you have made it for yourself to get things done! After your first request, there is no limit to how many more you can ask for! Whatever you need, we are here to assist you! If your first experience is as wonderful as we know it will be, and you want to come back for more, you can choose one of two ways to use the contractor service.

  1. Pay per request - if you think you might only need one or two things over a longer period of time, this might be your better option.
    Your cost would be $5.00 per service request.

  2. Subscribe monthly - if you think you will have a number of projects to complete during a specific period, subscribing during that period will save you some money. Subscribe for $2.95 per month for as many or few months as you need work done. Or stay subscribed for the peace of mind you can get help whenever you need it.

Does a real estate agent's subscription cover your client's projects, as well?
Yes!  Hopefully, you were expecting that as our answer!  Your subscription can cover your client's projects or repairs as long as they are working with you.  They can consider that as an extra perk when they have you as their agent!  Pretty awesome!  Whether you request the service or they do, there is a step in our process that helps identify your clients as your clients. This keeps things simple and moving forward.