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Homeownership doesn't come with a manual. As anyone knows who owns a home, there are myriads of problems and situations that come up that raise all sorts of questions. Our Blog is intended to help provide you with that pseudo-manual to help answer those questions, solve some of your household problems, and to provide you with an education that makes you feel smarter and helps make running your home a bit easier!

Is Your Home Safe  From Hidden Dangers?

See list you can check off to make sure they are things you do NOT have to worry about.
                                                                  April 11, 2019

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Fifteen Commandments For Better Managing Your Type 2 Diabetes

Use these tips and tricks to help stay in control!
                                                       April 5, 2019

Use these tips and tricks to stay in control of your Type 2 Diabetes 

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Age Old  Complaint!  - Who Is Worse At Returning Calls?  Customers Or Contractors?
Great perspective for both sides of the phone!

                                                              September 20, 2018

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Is It Too Dry In Your House?

Here are some easy home remedies you can use to help humidify a room!
                                                       August 24, 2018

Easy home remedies to help humidify a room

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Safely Remove Bees and Hornets Nests

Find out the most efficient way and time to safely eliminate bees and hornet nests!
                                                   August 24, 2018

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