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Dear Diana,                                 2/10/19

We are having some exterior work done on our home.  Some deck repairs, a roof replacement and a new concrete walkway installed.  The company we hired is providing quality work so far.  We don’t have an issue with the way the work is being done.  Our issue is that some of the crew members are smoking on our property.  It could well be during a designated break time for them, nonetheless, we do not want anyone smoking on our property.  We have found several cigarette butts in the grass and assume they are from these guys.  Very gross!

The other challenge is that the gentleman working on our project don’t speak great English, so communicating with them is difficult.  We have tried showing them the butts we have found in the grass and they just smile and point to others in their crew.  No specific worker is taking ownership of being the smoker or smokers.  We are not trying to be pills, just would prefer them to find a different place to smoke and to leave their cigarette butts.

Your thoughts?
Far from splendor in the grass

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Dear Diana,                                 1/14/19

Recently my husband and I had three remodeling contractors come to our home to provide us with their insights and their estimates for a kitchen remodeling project we are thinking about.  Each contractor was different and seemed to bring something unique to the plans.  After considering the pros and cons of all three we have decided on one of them, but will not be ready to start the project until the summer.

One of the two others that ended up on our reject list keeps calling us and sending us emails.  We understand they want to do our project, but we did not click with them as well as with the company we ultimately chose. How long is reasonable for them to continue to hound us?


How long should they continue contacting me?  In Crystal

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